Delivering Results to our Clients and our Community

Integrated Giving

We wanted to be as deliberate about giving as we are about every aspect of our business structure. We wanted it fully integrated into our structure so that it’s not something else we do; it’s part of what we do.

  • We give 1% of our profits to the Kyle John Rymiszewski Foundation that will benefit kids with debilitating heart conditions such as Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, the terrible condition that suddenly takes hundreds of kids lives every year, including Kyle John Rymiszewski, the son of GPS founders.
  • We give another 1% of our profits to worthwhile endeavors as chosen by GPS employees.
  • We give 1% of our billable hours back to non-profit organizations in the form of sustainable productivity improvements to better utilize the sparse funds most organizations work so hard to acquire.



Cultivate partnerships with customers and co-workers, including suppliers. We look to the ancient Athenian model of citizenship for further explanation. As an Athenian citizen you owed the community your best effort; the community in return owed you every opportunity to fulfill your potential. At GPS our commitment to people is to provide the chance to steer your own destiny, the opportunity to gain the sincere respect of your peers and an honest stake in making your company more successful through your own work and ideas. The expectation and inevitable reward is to foster the long-term loyalty of customers and co-workers, thus cultivating partnerships.

Catalyze people to achieve excellence. In order for our mission to truly bring deeper meaning to work we must link the performance of tasks to the development of people. Any task can be seen as either drudgery or self-expression. A given job, no matter how mundane is not determinative. The difference is to be found within people who seek meaning for life and work, who desire to accomplish something significant. People who see a rewarding purpose and a genuine opportunity beyond the specific task at hand bring creativity, productivity, quality and value to any job. This is not meant to imply that everything we do will be right. We’ll experience our share of mistakes. But because we embrace this value to be a catalyst of excellence, we can’t hide from those mistakes. We will confront them correct them, learn from them, and, most likely, forgive them – providing our values are upheld.

Commit to honor God in all we do. Last but not least, as there can be no logical order or priority to these values, is to commit to honor God in all we do. This does not serve as a basis for exclusion. Rather as a means to recognize and welcome diversity. We are all part of God’s mix in whatever way and, whether or not we choose to worship, embracing this value necessitates honesty, integrity and respect for people in all our actions and is essential to the success of our mission and our company.