What We Do

GPS helps its customers realize over 26% net productivity improvement. Our proven model quickly establishes baseline business process capability, exposing losses and identifying performance gaps. Engaging our clients’ executive leadership, we then develop an implementation roadmap that begins delivering significant financial results within 90 days and creates a self-funding plan to execute the longer-term business improvement strategy.

GPS doesn’t subscribe to the latest management fads but adapts to our clients’ culture, whether we are providing interim resources to create momentum or delivering specific tool training and certification to enhance organizational capability. We have been 100 percent successful delivering significant value to our clients.  For a full summary of Clients and Industries we have served click here.

Industries and Clients

Key Clients

Abbott Nutrition
Kraft Foods
Marathon Cheese Corporation
Mondelez International
Peacock Engineering
Procter & Gamble


Fortune 50 food company adds $2.6 billion to the bottom line with GPS Operational Excellence program globally after three years.

Fortune 500 nutrition company achieves 20% average increase in output and $35 million annual savings in 6 months

Fortune 50 consumer products company improved from 2% to 10% growth in 12 months using GPS Operational ExcellenceⓇ approach.


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Key Clients

Allied Signal
Dover Chemical
General Electric
Gopher Resource
Johnson Controls
ITT Corporation


General Electric added $25B to the bottom line over 5 years globally.

Allied Signal added $3.4B to the bottom line through over 5 years globally.

Mid-size chemical company increases operating income by 10% in 12 months.

Key Clients

British Petroleum
GE Energy


Global Fortune 100 mining company increases margin to add $40 million annually
in operating income within 180 days.

Public mid-sized mining company increased operating income by more than 30% in 18 months.

Oil and gas company saves $2.6 billion annually.

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Key Clients

UCSF Medical
Valley Children’s Healthcare
Franciscan Hospital for Children
Windsor Regional Hospital


GPS enables prominent children’s hospital to improve from 65% to 100% on-time delivery of outpatient chemo treatments.

Large mail order pharmacy working with GPS for 180 days eliminates defects and reduces cycle time to increase fulfillment capacity by 25%.

Hospital system improved asset utilization by more than 40%.

GPS HEALTHCARE Industry Manager

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Key Clients

Norwest Equity Partners

HIG Capital Partners

Windpoint Partners

Sun Capital Partners



Private Equity portfolio company increased revenue by 30% and results improved
from losing $10 million annually to making $20 million profit in 12 months.

Private Equity chemical portfolio company rescued $50 million investment
from perceived insurmountable issues.

Small cap food manufacturer reduces waste and increases output
realizing $1.6 million in savings in 90 days.